7 Women I Look Up To #InternationalWomensDay2019

7 Women I Look Up To #InternationalWomensDay2019

In the last few months, I’ve really been looking into what career path I want to take; I’ve started writing and talking more about the things I’m passionate about. There’s so many women in the media industry that I admire and aspire to be like. As it’s ‘International Women’s Day’ I figured I’d talk about who they are and why I love them.

In terms of my future job, I take inspiration from many writers, activists and bloggers, looking into how they got where they are, what platforms they use to campaign and their overall message. I look up to these women because of their personalities, their humble attitude and their kindness.

Gina Martin

Gina is a freelance writer for Glamour, Refinery92 and the legend that made upskirting (taking unauthorised photographs up a woman’s skirt) a criminal offence. I only heard of her back in January after her bill to make upskirting illegal was passed – which is depressing actually because I’ve really missed out! She began campaigning against upskirting after experiencing it first-hand at a festival.

Her determination and bad ass attitude is something that empowers me to campaign and make a change for the things I’m passionate about.


Gina Marin via instagram @ginamartinuk


Gemma Styles 

Gemma may be the cool older sister to my boo Harry Styles, but honestly, she’s much more than that. She has a large social media following and uses mainly her Instagram and Twitter to campaign about topics such as Bullying, Smear Tests, Donating Blood.

Obviously, I first heard of Gemma through Harry but when I saw all of the amazing work and campaigning she does, I couldn’t help but adore her! She also works with The Body Shop, who I am obsessed with and I’m pretty sure she’s a vegetarian (SNAP).

During the time of the snap election back in 2017, Gemma was continuously campaigning on Twitter and Instagram, encouraging everybody to go out and vote! As someone who has a large social media following, I think it’s amazing that Gemma uses her platform as an influencer to encourage the younger generation to take part in debates and politics.


Gemma Styles via instagram @gemmastyles


Lucy Moon

I think I relate to Lucy the most – she’s blogs/vlogs about her time as a student, she posts about periods/period poverty, she writes a lot about self-love, feminism and her battle with anxiety. Having people like this in the world is very beneficial to people like me, who struggle with mental health and self confidence and need encouragement and inspiration to deal with it.

Lucy speaks about the struggles of trying to find her place in adulthood – which is something that I’m very much dealing with right now. I think I actually cried for a month straight when I turned 20 and was no longer a teenager… depressing , I know.


Lucy Moon via instagram @iamlucymoon


Elle Darby

I’ve never known of anybody like Elle Darby in my entire life. She’s got the kindest heart and the most positive attitude towards life. She’s always encouraging people to embrace themselves and to just appreciate everything that happens to them – even if it’s bad because it’ll be a learning curve. Elle has made me realise that everything happens for a reason and you shouldn’t be mad about things not going to plan.

She’s also very passionate about body positivity and her gym/diet routine. She’s been open about the surgeries and the beauty procedures she’s had done which not many people would and her attitude is ‘you do you boo’ if you want to do something, you go ahead and do it.


Elle Darby via instagram @elledarby_


Georgia Toffolo (Toff)

I remember so vividly when Toff was on I’m A Celeb. I was struggling with bad acne at the time, to the point where I didn’t want to leave the house. One night, I was sat watching I’m A Celeb with my dad and he pointed out Toff’s acne and said, “See Beth, Toff has acne too, a lot of people suffer with it… it’s normal.” She didn’t let her skin condition hold her back and that made me realise that I shouldn’t either. Toff also came across as such a kind and happy young woman, who was just so grateful for everything she’d achieved – that’s something I love so much about her.

Her contribution and love for politics is also incredibly inspirational. She’s said she hates that politics is associated with “middle-aged, greying men” and encourages more young people to vote.

Even though she does support a different political party to me and her views may be completely opposite, the fact that she’s encouraging the younger generation to get involved with politics and being an inspiration for young people is admirable.


Georgia Toffolo via instagram @ToffTalks


Lily Collins

As well as being a fashion icon with the best eyebrows in the business, Lily has such a big heart! She’s a great role model for young girls and is always encouraging them to pursue their dreams and accept themselves. Sharing her experience in her book ‘Unfiltered’, Lily talks about issues from emotionally abusive relationships to eating disorders and self-confidence.

I already adored Lily but after reading her book, I saw her on a whole new level. Lily said in an interview with Teen Vogue, “We deserve to be treated with respect. We have voices, and it’s OK to use them. We should use them, and we should stand up for ourselves. Not everyone’s always going to like what we have to say, but you have to take care of yourself. It’s not selfish to want to take care of yourself. You have to love yourself first and foremost in order to know how you should treat others and how someone else should treat you.”


Lily Collins via instagram @lilyjcollins


Lottie Winter

Lottie writes for British Glamour and even though she’s the beauty editor, she’s penned many articles on tampon waste, period, plastic pollution, sustainable fashion, anxiety – so basically all of the things I love campaigning about!

I’ve only recently began following Lottie and honestly this girl has my dream job! I love that she writes about topics that some people are reluctant to write about so openly. We need more attention on period poverty, we need more to be done about plastic pollution and sustainable fashion and people like Lottie are doing that.