Mobile Journalism “MoJo” Portfolio

Mobile Journalism “MoJo” Portfolio

Remembrance Day 2018 | Live Brief

“Lest we forget”

On the 7th of November, Wales commemorated 100 years since the end of World War One. People gathered in Cardiff Castle to honour the 700,000 British soldiers who were killed and the 27,000 Welsh soldiers.

Graham Smith, who is a member of Newport Royal Welsh Associations, talked about the men and women who gave up their tomorrow so that we could have our today.

Every tribute that was planted in the field of remembrance had a personal message to the fallen. There were over 120,000 tributes planted.


Cardiff Castle Field of Remembrance

Max McKowen of the Abercynon regiment branch explains the importance of Remembrance Day services and honouring the soldiers who have paid the ultimate price.

Winter Wonderland Commentary

Winter Wonderland pops up in Cardiff every year leading up to Christmas to get the City in the festive mood. With their traditional aspects like the ice-skating and the street food stores reappearing, Winter Wonderland have also added more funfair rides and a brand new bar lodge.

The Jolly Green Drummer | Interesting Person in Cardiff

Cliff Collings, also known as the ‘Jolly Green Drummer’ has been busking in Cardiff City Centre for two years now, though he has been drumming for over 16 years and describes music as his passion.

Unlike other buskers in Cardiff, Cliff invites people to come and play his drum kit or dance along while he drums to well-known hits.